Ravens Challenge® was y based on the Ravens Crest/Ravens Crescent exercises which ran from 2004-2007 in Fort Lewis, Washington. When the funding for the Ravens Crest program ended in 2008, Al Johnson, one of the original designers of the Raven Crest program started Ravens Challenge® as a more flexible, tailored program that maintained the focus on EOD/CIED at all levels, and delivered it in the US in 2009 for DHS Region 5, which integrated US, Estonian, Canadian, military and law enforcement EOD and tactical units.

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After several years of developing the program, Al Johnson delivered the first global Ravens Challenge®  in 2013 as a one-week program in Hua Hinn, Thailand, hosted by the Royal Thai Police Unit 191 EOD and funded solely by exhibitors and sponsors. Since 2013, the Ravens Challenge® ASEAN has represented the global EOD community and is held annually in Thailand.

Ravens Challenge® expanded to a two-week global program in 2017 with the first week in Bangkok providing Commander workshops/classes and a Technology Day sponsored by the Defense Technology Institute (DTI). The second week has remained in Hua Hinn  until this year for the CIED, CWMD, Counter Terrorism, and field trauma training lanes.  This year’s Ravens Challenge®  will be held at the Police Training Center in Nong Sarai.

The need for interoperability and capability gap improvements within regional frameworks is ever more critical with the rising tide of instability that fosters terrorism and insurgency. Ravens Challenge® focuses on helping to identify those gaps and begins the regional partnerships to improve public safety and national/regional security. This commitment to regional safety is at the heart of Ravens Challenge®. Ravens Challenge® is a modular program and available as a local event in other countries.

Ravens Challenge® is a registered trademark owned by Raven Group International, LLC.

Thank you to our 2018 Ravens Challenge® ASEAN Host, Partners, Exhibitors, & Sponsors