Ravens Challenge® ASEAN 2017

RAVENS CHALLENGE ASEAN 2017 has officially closed!

Raven Group International would like to thank everyone who contributed to make the largest EOD/CIED event in the world a safe and successful event. The expanded two week program managed to reach an expanded CIED audience, and the introduction of Phase IV brought tactical, forensics, and medical integration firmly into the Ravens Challenge program.

The opening week saw Pol. Maj. General Surachete Hakparn, commander of the Royal Thai Police Special Operations Division open up the Command and Staff classroom pre-phase course in Bangkok at the Royal Thai Air Force Officers Club, then Air Field Marshall Pongsatorn Basuap open the DTI Technology Day on Friday at the Impact Center in Bangkok. Week 2 Training events for Phase I-IV was honored to have the Royal Thai Police Commissioner, Police General Chakthip Chaijinda open the ceremony, welcome the international participants and VIPs and review the technology providers and supporters. The following week saw teams undergo Phase I-IV training, and the closing ceremony on Friday 21st July, had Pol. Maj. Gen. Surachete close out the ceremony and give thanks for a safe and successful event.

By the numbers:
Pre Phase Command and Staff classroom: 11-13 July. 90 Participants from 7 nations.
DTI Technology Day:257 in attendance. Bangkok Post
Phase I-IV Week two lanes: 17-21 July. 475 participants from 8 nations. EOD, Forensics, Medical, Intelligence, SWAT/Commando, and private security.

18 Phase I-III Lanes (8 US, 3 UK, 3 Dual US/Thai, 4 Thai)
Phase IV Day and Night Operations: 14 Incidents in three days including two village cordon search and 1 lab raid. (US/Thai).

American Military University delivered lectures in the following: Combined Joint Task Force Operations and Planning, Intelligence Sharing and Attack the Network, and Terrorism Profiling. In addition they provided staff to run the Introduction to Chemical Incidents in an Explosive Environment Lane when another instructor could not make it due to injuries.

17 Vendors: From 5 countries (Thai, UK, US, France, Israel)
Companies provided counter-IED technology solutions for demonstration and integration into lanes.

International Participants: America, Canada, Great Britain, Cambodia, Japan, and Singapore in addition to our Thai hosts. VIP delegations/observers from South Korea, Indonesia, and Australia.



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Vendors provide a vital link to assist the participating EOD technicians and commanders to view firsthand and evaluate tools under realistic conditions.Part of Ravens Challenge that is most memorable for the participating technicians is the IED and UXO training lanes. The lanes represent a cross section of IED and UXO scenarios that fellow technicians have faced over the recent past. The ability of the technicians to engage in these scenarios while sharing information with other teams they normally would not interact with, as well as utilize new technologies and tools to overcome the challenges, presents a very viable learning experience that potentially will save lives in the future.