RAVENS CHALLENGE® ASEAN, 5-9 September 2016 Opening Day’s Attendance was Recorded at 564!

Now 26 News: Opening Day Ravens Challenge ASEAN 2016

Bangkok Post: Demo Range Demo Range at Ravens Challenge ASEAN

The 2016 Ravens Challenge® ASEAN was attended by Thailand EOD teams, the Thailand Bomb Data Center representatives, as well as many other C-IED and EOD personnel. In addition, it was both an ASEAN and a global EOD / C-IED event, and American, UK, Japan, Malaysian, and other national teams and representatives were present.
 Royal Thai 191 Unit EOD
 Border Patrol Police (Various Units)
 Royal Thai Army (ANOTHAI)
 Royal Thai Army (Ordnance School)
 Royal Thai Air Force
 Royal Thai Navy
 Airport of Thailand (AoT)
 Metro Rail Transit (MRT)
 Port of Laem Chebang Safety and Security
 US Army Pacific Command CIED Fusion Center
 US Army 71st Group (EOD)
 US Army 716th Company (EOD)
 UK Trade and Investment (UKTI)
 Singapore Police
 Malaysian Air Force
 Malaysian Police
 Arintaraj
 Defense Technology Institute (DTI)
 US Counter Terrorism Training and Support Office (CTTSO)
 US Navy MU (EOD)

Ravens Challenge® ASEAN 2016 included four “sectors” of training lanes to emphasize different skill sets/scenarios and threat areas; each of the IED training aids and lanes had forensics built that were collected and fed into the forensics lab and analyzed. The forensics and intelligence field set up at Ravens Challenge® operated as it does in the real world, and provided the analysis to ID the types of groups, capability, and recommendations for Attack the Network.
Team commanders chose from the following scenarios for their team to participate in during the three days of IED lane openings. The four sectors include: Maritime Security, Transportation Hub (Airport), Urban, and the Range.

MARITIME SECURITY (beach and ocean area): Ship Hull Search, underwater IEDs, Ship Boarding, Beach clearing-insertion, improvised rockets, etc.
TRANSPORTATION HUB (AIRPORT): Passenger screening, baggage screening, VIP search, Truck Bomb, Chemical Hazards, entry checkpoint operations and response, and Mass Casualty Response.
URBAN: Hostage Rescue, Search, Crime Scene Investigations, Complex IEDs, IED events with active shooters.
RANGE: VBIED, Motorcycle Bombs, Underground Bombs, Post Blast, etc.

Friday was the *Hook and Line Ninja, *Robot Rodeo, Hogans Alley (X-Ray and PAN shot), SEARCH survivor, and SMITHS CSI Challenge (Explosive Trace Detection).