Ravens Challenge® 2019 will be bigger and better, Join us in Thailand!

  • International and Inter-agency cooperation. Teams and individuals can work together on a variety of IED and UXO scenarios.
  • Full range of training options, from equipment use to full complex mission scenarios.
  • Integrated training event. Forensics, Medical, Tactical, Security, Intelligence, and Command are all participants at Ravens Challenge®, available to the EOD teams. Choose your level of interaction with other agencies.
  • Excellent cross leveling of IED TTP information tech to tech. The interaction of “Welcome to Thailand” and “Welcome to the Philippines”, in addition to other lanes from the EOD techs that ran the scenarios, allows direct learning of current global TTPs by the participating teams.
  • Teams may integrate with Thai teams.

Week 1: 04-08 November 2019

  • EOD Leadership
  • CIED Operations
  • Emergency Management
    • Medical Mass Casualty
    • Chemical Management
    • Incident Management
    • Rescue and Recovery
  • Cyber-Security

Week 2: 11-15 November 2019

  • EOD/CIED/WMD Sector
  • Medic Sector
  • Emergency Management
  • Cyber-Security Sector
  • Equipment Training & Testing Sector


In order to attend Ravens Challenge ASEAN as a Participant:

  • Military or Police EOD
  • Military or Police SWAT
  • Military or Police Forensics
  • Military or Police Intelligence
  • Airport Security
  • Private Security
  • EMT, Paramedics, Medics
  • Cyber-Security Police, Military and Private Professionals