2019 Ravens Challenge® ASEAN (Bangkok, Thailand) Registration

Ravens Challenge® is the largest multinational interagency capacity building counter IED (CIED) single event program in the world. The program was created to provide Military, Police, Academia, Private Agencies, and Technology/Service Companies within Thailand and Regional Partners an opportunity to build and shape EOD, CIED, CWMD, and counter terrorism capacity streams. Ravens Challenge® initially focused on CIED, but has expanded to include all aspects of counter and anti-terrorism, insurgency, high threat criminal activity, emergency management, cyber-security, and field trauma. Multinational Police and Military EOD, SWAT, Forensics, K9, Intelligence, and all government and pre-approved private parties are invited to attend. The global Ravens Challenge® in Thailand integrates a Technology EXPO, Training Scenarios, Major Interagency Exercise Series, Classrooms, and Seminars/Workshops into a two-week program that is unmatched anywhere.

Ravens Challenge® ASEAN is hosted and facilitated by Royal Thai Police Special Operations Division Unit 191(EOD), and the Thai EOD and counter terrorism community. The Ravens Challenge® Technology Day is sponsored by the Defence Technology Institute (DTI). Ravens Challenge® will be attended by teams from Thailand’s EOD teams (police, military, private), the Thailand Bomb Data Center, Royal Thai Police Science and Forensics Department, as well as many other C-IED and EOD technicians and support personnel.

Ravens Challenge® includes the participation of private companies  to provide onsite technical and training support to ensure the best training and exercise event globally.

Ravens Challenge® 2019 is open to Police, Military, Academia, and Technology/Business Professionals:

  • EOD: Police/Military
  • CIED: Police/Military
  • WMD: Police Military
  • EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT: Police, Military
  • MEDICAL: Medics, EMT, Paramedics
  • FORENSICS: Police, Military
  • CYBER-SECURITY: Police, Military, Cyber-Security Professionals

Private Companies:  Technology, Services, and Equipment related to EOD, WMD, UXO, CIED, Forensics, Cyber-Security, Medical including field trauma kits/supplies.


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Ravens Challenge® is open and free for Counter IED/EOD police/military units/support personnel and anti-terrorism professionals. Please register your interest here and we will guide you through the process.

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Ravens Challenge® provides an opportunity for technology solutions to be integrated into the training lanes allowing the end user to try the equipment in real world scenarios.Your sponsorship supports Ravens Challenge® allowing us to provide the training FREE to all EOD participants and support staff.

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Press and media partners are invited to attend Ravens Challenge®. Please register and we will be in contact.

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Military, Police, Technology, and Academia are invited to attend Ravens Challenge®. Please register to attend or for more information, please email info@ravenschallenge.org.