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ABN Infinity Service (Thailand) Co.,Ltd has long experience in providing consulting services, system integration, as well as distributing EOD equipment and CBRN product solutions in Thailand. Our customer base have been continuously expanding in the past 10 years, ranging from every military to security forces all over Thailand. Our business focuses on EOD, CBRN, and Military Medication.

American Military University offers 200+ online degree and certificate programs in homeland security, intelligence, emergency management, and more, to meet the needs of mission-driven military and civilian professionals worldwide. AMU is proud to be the largest education provider to the U.S. Armed Forces.

ATOM Training delivers counter-threat courses that are informed by exceptional intelligence, designed by dedicated program developers and delivered by some of the world’s most experienced subject matter experts. In addition, our experts are also established instructors with a proven track record in skillfully presenting their knowledge. We offer fully customized training programs to clients worldwide, providing a progressive learning platform and courses that keep them informed, equipped and poised to successfully counter threats relevant to their particular situation.

Chemring Technology Solutions is a global provider of advanced Electronic Warfare (EW), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), and Communication Information Systems (CIS) products that deliver leading edge technology to mitigate current and emerging threats. Trusted by armed forces, governments, and national security customers worldwide our understanding of operational requirements allows us to deliver products able to meet today’s asymmetric threat environments.

Defence Technology Institute (Public Organization) or DTI under the supervision of Ministry of Defence.  DTI is established to conduct research and develop of major defence equipment and system to meet the requirement of Royal Thai Armed Forces in maintain national security and sovereignty. DTI is the defence technology knowledge centre for Ministry of Defence in order to advice on policies and plans to the Minister in Defence science and technology development. It coordinates and cooperates with other government agencies, related academic institutes and private sectors, both domestically and internationally. DTI promotes and supports training, researches and human resources developments in technical and engineering domains.

ENVOSTAR deploys our world-class protective materials and engineering to manufacture protective solutions for public safety. Envostar is a technical company dedicated to solving challenging protective threats, while creating measurable and meaningful value for its customers. Our dynamic portfolio of products, advanced materials and services meets the ever-changing demands for ballistic, fragmentation, stab threats protection in Thailand. We unite around a set of core values— respect for life, highest ethical behavior and respect for people—just as we have since 2007. We partner with like-minded companies to help supply Thailand with better, safer; and protection for what matters most—Life.

The Golden West Humanitarian Foundation is a U.S. based non-profit public charity established in 1998. Our mission is to develop training, technology, and financial support facilitating removal of land mines, unexploded munitions, and conventional weapons destruction, worldwide. Our goal is to return land to safe, productive use and to help revive post-conflict economies. The foundation also engages in applied research and development involving explosives, robotics, detection, and countering improvised explosive devices, and to make all disposal operations safer and more affordable.

ISS Global, through its commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Dfuze Product Suite, has been supporting the operational needs of Law Enforcement, Defense, Intelligence, and International Organisations, since 1999. Created to enable information management and data-sharing for counter-IED, EOD, and C2 communities, Dfuze has grown into a series of products that are utilized in over 40 countries. Leveraging the lessons learned from these communities, the Dfuze product suite continues to evolve, seeking new opportunities to solve the toughest data challenges that organisations face today. In today’s data-driven world, most organisations require solutions that can capture, store, retrieve, analyse, visualize, and share data in a secure and efficient manner.

 Nexter Robotics is a subsidiary of Nexter French Defense Group, dedicated to development of unmanned systems for Defense, Security, Rescue and Surveillance applications. The NERVA robots family is characterized by:
– A high level of robustnesss (temperature, shocks…),
– An great usability (operation by PCs, Tablets or Smartphones)
– A low cost
Basic robots are equipped with 360° vision and microphone; they can receive more than 20 additional compatible modules to extend the range of addressed missions: Night thermal cameras, HazMat sensors, 2D-mapping, 2-ways audio, grenade launcher, carry&drop, disruptors, manipulators, EOD tools and more. Beyond its high level of native performances (speed over 15km/h, operating range over 1 km,…), NERVA family also integrates semi-autonomous capabilities to reduce operator’s workload.

PENCARI Training   have a proven and highly successful record in the delivery of bespoke training initiatives to the Defense and Security sector. Our training offers the world’s Governments [Military, Law Enforcement] and Non Government Organisations market leading, responsive analysis and focused training; preparing your people for Military and Civil Crisis Management Operations throughout all environments worldwide. We specialize in the delivery of training and development, offering Subject Matter Experts with exceptional qualities and deep front-line experience in delivering threat solutions to counter both today’s and tomorrow’s threats.

SCANNA MSC is a leading British manufacturer specializing in high performance portable x-ray screening and detection equipment for military, police, border and customs operators. We offer both CR (indirect) and direct (DR) portable x-ray systems, which are easy to setup and deploy for building security, yet are reliable and robust within more challenging police and military environments.

SIERRA International Medical Training Solutions, is a premium training provider which specializes in emergency medical response and also life saving skills. We provide basic to advanced pre-hospital training in peace and combat settings, height rescue training and also basic workplace safety programs.We are currently operating in Asia with our base located in Thailand. Our organization is affiliated with different specialized organizations so as to provide to our participants with the best skills and updated information they can acquire.

Smith’s Detection Ltd has worked with defense forces for over 50 years, gaining significant insight into the needs of armed forces, as well as experience in applying smart science at the front-line. Our low maintenance and reliable equipment produces accurate, in-real-time information about traces of explosives or other suspect materials on people, packages, vehicles or surfaces.

SWN, in partnership with leading manufacturers of security products and solutions to provide a great deal to meet this demand. We offer our customers needs- focused security solutions that give them the greatest possible benefits in terms of security, organizational efficiency and convenience. With range of innovative products and solutions, in addition to SWN’s best service and support, the company has evolved into one of the best known solution provider within Thailand homeland security industry and in Asia.

Teledyne ICM : Our mission at Teledyne ICM is to improve your life on the field and beyond, by providing innovative, user-friendly, and safe portable X-Ray solutions. Developed with and for EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) operators, the FLATSCAN range is the ultimate portable X-Ray solution for quick screening of any potential threat. From detecting explosive devices to illicit drugs, lethal weapons and firearms, Teledyne ICM’s FLATSCAN technology offers a quick, easy, and effective way to identify hidden malicious items.

Thailand Navigator provides the logistics support for Ravens Challenge® ASEAN. Thailand Navigator was formed in 2011 as a service to support EOD travel within Thailand and to provide foreign visitors a safe vacation experience and advice. Specializing in cultural tours, unseen Thailand, and local focus, Thailand Navigator provides English language support and both air and on the ground services to make travel in Thailand worry free.